…with the eyes of a kid

same oldImagine to do always the same things, day after day.

Imagine to succeed repeatedly doing the same good things.

Imagine that, suddenly, the results are not so good as before, doing the same old good things.

And despite that, imagine to keep repeating in doing the same things…

This normally happens because to exit our comfort zone requires a lot efforts and time and being so repetitive reduces stress but, at the same time, makes us blind: we might miss clear signals of an upcoming decline in performances or a new threat.

This morning, observing the picture above I started to think when and how I do challenge the status quo of my job and activities.

To avoid this routines with mechanical behaviours I believe it is important to plan regularly (everyday or every week) time off from emails, phones and socials and focus on rethinking our business, our daily work routines and eventually to review critically the “same old things” we have done so successfully in the past.Be-Back-Soon

Personally I found this time off very effective early in the morning, before anyone arrives to the office, with my music and a great cup of coffee (but often with just an it-is-the-only-coffee-I-have). A quiet moment in which I can focus not only on the daily challenges, but also on rethinking critically processes and habits I have been created and adopted day after day.

Comfort Zone/ Challenge Sign ConceptThose are “my moments”, in which I boost creativity and generate new ideas keeping asking myself why, why, why, like a kid would do. Why did I do that? Why are we doing in this way? Why we are not trying to do that?…etc.etc… And of course asking constantly to my self “what if” questions.

I prefer quiet early morning moments, with music and a feeling of loneliness, before mobiles start to rings and emails to flow non stop.

Other persons prefer noisy places like restaurants or bars and in this case I suggest to have a look to the website and app called coffitivity  that “recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better”.

In any case, the most important exercise of those moments is to watch everything like a kid, asking yourself millions of why, how and what if, challenging your comfort zone from different perspective, like a kid would do.

Do you challenge enough yourself?