Google’s April fool (2016)

Yes, true, I am anticipating April fool 2018 because I expect will be the same as in 2017 and in 2016 since we, generally speaking, like to share, comment and forward everything we find interesting without paying attention if something is new or old, real or fake, proved or emotionally felt.

Once again, I would like to share some advertising based on humor, which I consider a big part of everyday life, in the workplace as well in private.

The 31st of March 2016 Google posted this short video on YouTube introducing the self-driving bicycle, which looks amazing and very kids (and mom) friendly…I simply loved it (yes, two years later)

Google: introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

vanmoofIn case you are wondering which bike they used for the video, here the answer: it is a VanMoof, an amazing bike produced in Amsterdam and actually on the top of my preference among city bikes (I know, not really a valuable information my preferences)

If you would like to know more about this brand you can click here VanMoof (I am not compensated for this promotion, do not worry, feel free to click and check what those guys are doing, I think they deserve more attention).

Coming back to our Google video, in order to avoid any misunderstanding and to blame the mom happy to leave her kids roaming in Amsterdam without any adults supervision, I would like to share as well The making of… Introducing the self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands.

Just in case, you never know…

Enjoy & smile