Chicken shortage? How did KFC cope with it?

Few days ago, KFC UK & Ireland went through a difficult situation: Chicken shortage in their restaurants due to a change of supplier.

Not often we can experience big skilled chains forced to keep closed doors (more than 550 according to some sources, more than 700 according to others) of their point of sales for (really) bad management. This time happened to KFC in Uk & Ireland and, of course, socials got crazy about it. To a certain extent a little bit too crazy in my opinion, since I would not consider such a drama to find once in a lifetime your favourite fast food closed, but you know…none is perfect and I can imagine that a lack of gravy sauce could lead to physical downturns…

In any case surfing through the socials I found The advertising that KFC used to explain clearly that time to time…shit happens.


Apologising and admitting to have failed with humor was awesome!

From a bad situation and definitely a huge loss, KFC tried to get the best out of it and was able to react promptly to a negative event and somehow the result is an improved visibility in all the media as you can see in some of the articles pubblished:

The Guardian (the

CNN Money

Business Insider Italy

In any case, I urge to eat a fried chicken wing, right now!

KFC, I am not sure you have won me as a customer, but for sure you have all my sympathy (and it comes for free!)