Lissette Calveiro, 26, says she went broke trying to keep up appearances on Instagram…

Lazy Sunday. 14:32. surfing on the net.

I accidentally came across an article about Lisette Calveiro, a soon-will-be-a-raising-instagram-star (?) on the main page of Corriere della Sera and I felt I had to read it (True, I plead guilty, Your Honor!).

First of all I admit that I had to read carefully a couple of times to be sure to have understood correctly her story. Then, I started to think about it (guilty again, Your Honor!) and I found few takeaways (I do not why but I like this word):

  1. Errare humanum est: if you are 26 you can screw up things.
  2. She found herself into financial troubles pursuing a dream: to become famous. At least she tried, she will not regret not having do it. Mission accomplished!
  3. She lernt from her mistakes quite rapidly and wisely: she now has a financial coach and she is using an app call Digit to keep expenses under control. She even might be able to monetise it. Mission accomplished!
  4. Millions of instagram users are aiming to live at least once what she experienced. She did it. Others, sitting on sofa, did not. Mission accomplished!
  5. Her story is now shared worldwide, few examples:
    1. USA: New York Post
    2. Italy:  Corriere della Sera
    3. UK: Daily Mail
    4. Turkey: Posta
    5. The Netherland: Welingelichte Kringen
    6. Mexico: SDP Noticias
    7. Mission accomplished!
  6. She has 13.6k+ followers on Instagram, boosting this number by 8-9% in just few days, I guess at a rate much higher than previously. Mission accomplished!
  7. I am sure she will have opportunity to share and talk about her experience increasing visibility and presence. Mission almost accomplished!

I am not a fan of her goal or dream but I have to say that at the end she was able to achieve what she was looking for. Probably not as she planned, but she did it.

Keep going Lisette, you somehow made it!