Dolce & Gabbana Sent Purses Down the Runway Via Drones Because the Future Is Now

I think I understand the hype and the buzz around fashion marrying technology, and/or vice versa, nevertheless I was a bit surprised to read on an d3article/post/blog written by Cady Lang (click here to read the full article) stating “Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana took fashionable tech to the next level when they sent drones down the runway to showcase handbags for their Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show in Milan, Italy.”  Do we really think this is the Next level? wow! Personally I am not really impressed…this is how we imagine the future? Seriously? Showing a bag with a drone? C’mon, we can do better than this… I found this entertaining initiative of Dolce&Gabbana nothing more than folklore, to generate word of mouth around the brand.

If this is considered the Next level, well, why not to enjoy a catwalk in running sushi style? Or something like electrical model trains presenting shoes, something similar to what is d2happening in restaurant Vytopna in Prague where drinks are served by electrical toy trains? mmmh, or maybe we are missing just little running boats presenting flip flops or swimwear. That would be definitely a great fit!

I might not have caught (once again, I guess) the future and the “Next level” but seems to me that technology and fashion industries teaming up can generate much better solutions to enhance d1.jpgboth product presentation and, most important, consumers experience than presenting a bag with a drone. We, as humans, are still looking for emotions, empathy and involvement and I am not sure that an holding-bag-drone can offer that. Otherwise why to bother to assist to a fashion show when, from my sofa, I will soon be able to have in real time a 3d visualisation of the product? 3D holographic display: an example

…looking forward to the new next…Next level…