Why Successful People Wear the Same Thing Every Day

I found quite entertaining to read the 456th blog/post/article/video talking about how THE successful people wear the same outfit daily.

mz outfit

Well, going through the article I started to wonder about few things:

  • Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Dre & Steve Jobs are the only successful person? In that case representing the 100% of the successful person an unchanging outfit would be worth to imitate.
  • What do all the other successful person do? Same daily outfit? Naaa
  • Do we really believe that same outfit can boost the productivity of those person?
  • Are we sure it is no more than the puffing up of a celebrity’s pride?
  • Do they never ever “waste” time and energy in any frivolous activities?

I love how much buzz is creating such topic, and of course, talking about productivity, rather than to do something useful and valuable, I am mumbling and writing about it, thanks a lot Craig Bloem and Inc.com.

mjSo here my personal thoughts about this fundamental and fascinating topic (which I know everyone was waiting to hear it): mono outfit is cool (but boring) to boost public imagine once you are a celebrity otherwise you come out more like a weirdo. It made me thinking about what Sir.Charles Barkley once said about Michael Jordan during an hilarious interview at Oprahs’: “I do not think he is handsome (to MJ) … the time you get 3,4,500 million dollars you become handsome”. Oprah Winfrey interviews Charles Barkley & Michael Jordan

What do you think? Please let’s contribute to solve this…