…Netflix, Uber, home work & Deliveroo: what do they have in common?

They all are direct competitors of the Transport of London!

Baker Street Station on the London Underground.Richard Priday, in his article, Nobody really knows why the Tube is getting less and less crowded analyse some of the reasons why fewer people are riding the London Underground than in the previous year.

Among them, prices, concerns about safety and security, internal cannibalization with new buses Hopper fare and, very interesting new habits and behaviours created by company like Uber, clearly a direct competitor, but also by Deliveroo and Netflix that “are keeping people at home when previously they might have gone out for dinner or an evening at the cinema”.

Traditional incumbents are threatened by traditional competitors as well as by new comers and existing players from other industries.

reed hastings.pngAs perfectly explained by Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO: “Sometimes employees at Netflix think, ‘Oh my god, we’re competing with FX, HBO, or Amazon, but think about if you didn’t watch Netflix last night: What did you do? There’s such a broad range of things that you did to relax and unwind, hang out, and connect–and we compete with all of that.”

Watch out, competitions is more and more unpredictable.

Is your company really aware of the potential threateners?