…how to retain millennials…

Article by Ryan Jenkins: How to Retain Millennials with Better Work-Life Harmony

I found Jenkins’ article a bit curious and made me wonder if, generally speaking, we are overwriting about millennials trying to categorise, classify and analyze them and consequently treating them as UFO.


Who would not like to be treated and managed as in the 18 points of the article? I am not a millennial but I would appreciate a company that is really, and not just in the official PRs, supporting the work-life balance (I need time to use Harmony instead of Balance) of the employees (hope this word is still used). 

I guess those rules should be applied to all employees, regardless age and gender.

One curiosity: in point #9, Encourage efficiency, it is mentioned that “after working long hours, 27 percent of employees feel depressed, 34 percent feel anxious, and 58 percent feel irritable”. 119% of the statistical sample looks not happy of working long hours. Did I misinterpret or overthinking about millennials is the new workaholism?

In any case I am curious to read Jenkins’ book, maybe I am just missing something.

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