Data & KPIs over-exposition

I normally do not like to share quotes but I found this picture very appropriate and true if applied to the incredibly high amount of data and KPIs we have to cope with during our daily

This over-exposition leads easily to inefficiencies during any decision making process increasing the risk of taking THE right decisions with wrong data.

In order to avoid to fall into this common trap,

  • remember, and explicitly state, which is your final goal
  • be sure to use reliable, validated and relevant data to create consistent KPIs
  • select just the KPIs you need to achieve your specific goal and forget all the rest is because it is just a disturbing noise
  • be sure that your KPIs can be consistently re-used in the future

The challenge is to extract, from all the data available, the right set of information necessary to achieve your strategic goals through a better decision process.

Whoever excels in this process increases the probability of success.