Permission to screw up (Kirsten Hadeed)

Author: Kirsten Hadeed, founder and CEO of the successful company Student Maid (

Summary: in this well written book the Author explains how she became a leader learning from her mistakes in running a start up company while she was still a college student.cover_permission to screw up

It is a courageous book in which Kirsten is not afraid to admit in front of her team and readers, multiple mistakes, wrong decisions and her weaknesses from which she was able to learn and improve to become a true recognised leader.

A lot of learning by doing examples, humor and a bit of drama makes this book, not only interesting and inspiring, but also pleasant to read.


Worth to mention: the parenting style of her father, the importance of having valuable support of mentors during the early phase of the company life cycle, the F.B.I. (Feeling-Beahvior-Impact) approach to giving feedbacks and a way on how millennials can be involved, empowered and successfully retained.


For me, an highly recommended book.


Well done Kirsten, thanks for this interesting book.